The North Vancouver Outdoor School Alumni Society is extremely pleased to announce the establishment of the Victor ‘Sky’ Elderton NVOSAS Endowment Fund. Created in partnership with the Vancouver Foundation, this fund will support access to environmental education for students attending the Outdoor School at the Cheakamus Centre.

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All the proceeds from this fund will go towards bursaries for financially disadvantaged students, ensuring access to this important connection with our natural world remains universal. Help us plant the seed of environmental inspiration and understanding for future generations to come!

Curious? Be sure to learn more about the fund, how it works, and how your donation benefits students by visiting our Endowment Fund FAQ.

Victor ‘Sky’ Elderton

In light of his tremendous achievements supporting both the school and the Alumni Society, the NVOSAS would like to dedicate this endowment fund to Victor Elderton, also known as ‘Sky’ to the Outdoor School community. The members of the Alumni Society owe him a debt of gratitude for his guidance throughout the years, and it is our intent that this fund will continue to support students, counsellors, and alumni of future generations just as Sky nurtured our growth from students to alumni.


If you, your family, or your organization would like to contribute to the fund right now, head on over to our donation page hosted by the Vancouver Foundation.

Contribute now!

All donors giving over $25 will receive a tax receipt for their good deed – donors will also be officially recognized on our donor recognition list (below) and via our social media platforms. Depending on your donation tier, you might also receive something extra special as thanks!

Seed Sprout
NVOSAS-seed-tier$25 – $59 NVOSAS-sprout-tier$60 – $100
  • Emily Baker
  • Carole Baker
  • Genevieve Bailey
  • Natasha Thomas
Sapling Cedar
NVOSAS-sapling-tier$100 – $199 NVOSAS-cedar-tier$200+
  • Spencer Mackenzie
  • Jason Bigelow
  • Michael Bailey
  • Mary Lin
  • Ning Yan

Be sure to share this movement with your friends and family – as a community, we can come together to make a difference in the lives of students, creating a lasting positive impact on our environment and our society!

2 thoughts on “Victor ‘Sky’ Elderton Endowment Fund

  1. i WORKED THERE IN THE EARLY 70’S Met a girl there named Joni Elderton and married her 40 years ago Would love to help you folks out

    1. Fantastic! We – and more importantly the children – appreciate any and all support.

      Also, do you have any photos from when you worked there? If you have some you wouldn’t mind sharing, feel free to send em over to – it’s so interesting for us and others to see how things have changed (and how they’ve stood the test of time).

      It’s awesome hearing about the generations of folks who have experienced the wonder Outdoor School has to offer – thanks for sharing Robin 🙂

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