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The NVOSAS has partnered up with Boston Pizza Esplanade to help raise money for the our Outdoor School for Kids Bursary Fund. This important fund helps keep the Outdoor School experience accessible to all students, no matter their financial situation. Wondering how you can help?


Step 1

Go to the Boston Pizza on Esplanade and Chesterfield in North Van and eat delicious food – we’ve even given you a map of how to get there, so there are no excuses!

Step 2

Write “NVOSAS” on the back of your receipt at the end of your meal and drop it into the collection box at the front desk. If you can’t find the box, ask your server where it is!

Step 3

10% of your bill will be donated to the Outdoor School for Kids Bursary Fund. It’s that simple! This means environmental education will stay accessible to everyone, and our community’s connection to nature will grow ever stronger. With a little help from our awesome volunteer counsellors of course…

3 thoughts on “Boston Pizza Fundraiser

  1. Hi I have a question concerning my own personal fundraising. I was hoping to fundraise with my close friend during a Boston Pizza fundraising night. I have my donation letter ready, but I wanted to clarify some questions. I would also like the managers email from the Cambridge, Ontario Boston pizza business.
    -Please email me back when you get this.

    1. Hi Kaitlin,

      The Boston Pizza fundraiser we run only applies to the one Boston Pizza location in North Vancouver, BC. If you’re interested in fundraising in Ontario, we suggest you check out the Boston Pizza main site and contact fundraising through them:

      If you want to support our organization, check out our donation page for more info 🙂

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