Little Known Goat Fact

In the last week of 2012 – December 18 to 22 – I was running farm field study. Farm is always filled with cute baby chicks, Ponty the turkey, sometimes aggressive chickens, Capital, Wilma, Miss Piggy, and, last but not least, the goats.

Farm is generally similar each time with different teachers – being upstairs and learning about different aspects on the farm, and then visiting with the animals for as long as possible – however, I’ll always remember this one field study. It was going pretty normal, and we were finally visiting with the goats. I was hanging out with some kids who were petting Thor, our only male goat at the time, when one of the kids put his hat on Thor’s horns. Thor was chill enough to let us take this picture. It probably happens to be the best picture we have of him.


Who knew goats could have so much swag?


By Kristina “Cartwheel” Lang


Member at Large