A Wintery Wander

I spent this past Sunday in the best way I know possible: hopping in a car with good friends and seeing what we could find along the sea to sky highway. Our mission: to find a rare element called “snow”. We had grown weary of the grey skies in North Vancouver, and were looking towards whiter pastures. Friends, let me tell you, the Sea to Sky did not disappoint.


We had intended to go on a nice walk to Brandywine falls with our dog, but were met by a closed gate and snowed in parking lot. So on we went until we could find a parks path that had available parking. It’s important to point out here that as soon as our plans changed we sent a quick text to someone back home.

Always make sure someone knows where you are going when you’re headed into the woods, it doesn’t matter how old you are.

We ended up turning down towards the Athlete’s Village in Whistler by the Cheakamus Lake Service road. Where we ended up didn’t really matter in the end, but it’s how we spent it.

Before we could romp around in the snow we grabbed our warm gear (dog included) and packs full of snacks and water. It’s a good idea to carry a small first aid kit and emergency supplies.

Essential Emergency Gear

Here’s what I take with me when I go adventuring:

Inside this little bag I have:

  1.       Some basic first aid supplies in case of injuries.
  2.       Matches and a lighter.
  3.       Pocket mirror (for signalling and also potential fire starter).
  4.       Bandana, for wearing or for first aid, a versatile tool!
  5.       Whistle to call for help
  6.       Headlamp (with spare batteries)
  7.       A Sharpie with duct tape wrapped around it, because you can always find a good use for duct tape.
  8.       Pocket Knife
  9.       Garbage bag; good as an extra layer if you are lost, best if you can find a bright coloured one so you can easily be seen. You can also fashion it into a shelter if you have to!
  10. A bear bell.

It’s also important to pack lots of snacks, water and extra layers. Remember: it’s better to be over prepared, than under prepared!



Once we were all suited up we headed out into that wonderful marshmallow world. Now I won’t tell you where we walked because that is not important, (sometimes it’s more about the journey, friends). I will tell you what we did; we had fun. I think when it snows a lot of the older folk tend to worry too much about how it will get in our way, and I was happy to take this chance to see the fun side of snow. So whether you’re young or old, grab someone you enjoy spending time with and go play outside. If you have time to get somewhere the snow is, do it. I promise you won’t regret it, and in case you are at a loss for fun filled ideas, I got you covered:

  1.       Slide down hills on your bottom (snow pants recommended).
  2.       Have a good old fashioned snowball fight.
  3.       Try to learn something from it.
  4.       Build a snowman (or snowdog).
  5.       Just take a minute to wonder at it all.



So that’s it, that is my wintery wonderland adventure. And here’s my last piece of advice; whether or not there’s snow, just go. Get outside, and take some good friends with you. It’s truly the best medicine out there, friends.



Happy Trails,

Genevieve “Jinx” Bailey