2016-2017 Board Members


Meet the awesome alumni who make it all happen!

We come from all walks of life. Well…hops if you count Andy AKA Rabbit, our in-house gymnast. We are chemical engineers, digital marketers, machinists, students, and more.

We work together for a common goal: to change our world through environmental education, mostly by supporting the Outdoor School program at Cheakamus Centre.

If you’ve been to Outdoor School, or live in North Van you might recognize some familiar names 🙂

PresidentMark Tallman

Vice President: Jason Bigelow

Secretary: Atena Amiry

Treasurer: Natasha Hewitt


Andrew May

Cam Cottrell

Leah Cooke

Emily Gardner

Skye Modera

Tristen Schmidhauser

Rod Hoath

Emma McBride

Ivy Reisner

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